The PHELPS Family

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EDWARD PHELPS m. Elizabeth Adams
ELIZABETH PHELPS m. Joseph Ballard

First Generation



Edward Phelps died on 3 Oct 1689 in Andover. [Ref][Ref] He married Elizabeth Adams.

Edward acknowledged judgement of 40 shillings for a servant he bought from Henry Archer at the 30(9) 1652 court at Salem. [Ref]

Childen of Edward Phelps and Elizabeth Adams:

  1. Elizabeth Phelps married Joseph Ballard.
  2. Samuel Phelps died on 26 Jan 1745, at age 95, in Andover. [Ref] He married Sarah Chandler on 29 May 1682 in Andover. [Ref] Sarah was the daughter of the Capt. Thomas and Hannah (Brewer) Chandler and the granddaughter of William Chandler and Agnes Bayford.
  3. Edward Phelps married Ruth Andrews on 19 Mar 1683 in Andover. [Ref][Ref]
    Edward Phelps was a freeman on 18 Apr 1691 in Andover. [Ref]
    some descendants of Edward Phelps
  4. John Phelps was killed by Indians on 29 Jul 1677 at Black Point. [Ref][Ref]
  5. Eleanor Phelps married William Chandler of 21 Apr 1687 in Andover. [Ref] William was the son of the Capt. Thomas and Hannah (Brewer) Chandler and the grandson of William Chandler and Agnes Bayford.

Second Generation


Parents: Edward Phelps and Elizabeth Adams.

Elizabeth Phelps died on 27 Jul 1692 in Andover. [Ref][Ref] She married Joseph Ballard [Ref] on 28 Feb 1665 in Andover. [Ref][Ref]


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