The RIGGS Family of Nazeing, Essex, UK and Roxbury

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EDWARD RIGGS (c. 1593 - 1672) of Nazeing and Roxbury m. Elizabeth Holmes (bu. 1635)
MARY RIGGS m. Benjamin Twitchell

First Generation

EDWARD RIGGS (c. 1593 - 1672) of Nazeing and Roxbury


Edward Riggs was born about 1593. [Ref] He died on 5 Mar 1671/2 in Roxbury. [Ref] He married first Elizabeth Holmes on 16 Sep 1618 in Nazeing. She was buried in Oct 1635 in Roxbury. [Ref] He married second Elizabeth Roosa on 5 Apr 1635 in Roxbury. [Ref] She died on 2 Sep 1669 in Roxbury. [Ref] Anderson [Ref] comments that either the burial date of Edward Riggs is incorrect or his second marriage date is incorrect.

Edward emigrated to New England in 1633, settling first at Roxbury. [Ref] He was admitted to the Roxbury church as member 100. [Ref] He was a freeman in 14 May 1634. [Ref]

Edward used his mark to sign his will and a deed, although his inventory included two or three small books. [Ref]

According to the estate list done in Roxbury in the 1640s, he was one of the least affluent people in in that town. [Ref] In the Roxbury land inventory, done about 1652, Edward had a house, barn and homelot of five acres; three acres at the end of the Great Lots; seven acres "upon the said highway"; one acre in the fresh meadow with two rods of upland at each end; three rods of salt march in Black Neck; 13 acres and 20 rods "in the division of the Nookes being the sixth lot"; ten acres in the 1000 acres near Dedham. [Ref] [A rod is 1/160th of an acre.] All of these were received as grants. [Ref]

On 24 Jan 1671, Edward sold his house with three acres, an acre of salt marsh and an acre of meadow to Stephen Williams of Roxbury. [Ref]

Edward signed his will on 2 Sep 1670; it was proved on 6 Mar 1671/2. [Ref] He left bequests to his son Edward Riggs's wife and Edward's four children; his daughter Mary Twitchell and her children; his grandchild Elizabeth Allen [the daughter of Mary Twitchell]; his grandchildren Joseph and Hanp [transcribers error, perhaps Hannah?] Twitchell. [Ref] Inventory on his estate amounted to £128 7s., of which £93 was real estate. [Ref]

Edward Riggs was a soldier in the Pequot War. In a letter to William Bradford dated 28 July 1637, John Winthrop wrote: "... they gave order to surround the swamp, it being about a mile about; but Lieutenant Davenport, and some twelve more, not hearing that command, fell into the swamp among the Indians. The swamp was so thick with shrub wood, and so boggy with all, that some of them stuck fast, and received many shot. Lieutenant Davenport was dangerously wounded about his armhole and another shot in the head, so as fainting, they were in great danger to have been taken by the Indians, but Sergeant Rigges, and Jeffery and two or three more rescued them, and slew diverse of the Indians with their swords." [Ref]

  1. Edward Riggs was baptised on 17 Oct 1619 in Nazeing. [Ref]
  2. Lydia Riggs was buried in Aug 1633 in Roxbury. [Ref]
  3. Elizabeth Riggs was baptised on 20 Dec 1627 in Nazeing. [Ref] She was buried in May 1634 in Roxbury. [Ref]
  4. John Riggs was baptised on 17 Jan 1629/30 in Nazeing. [Ref] He was buried in Oct 1634 in Roxbury. [Ref]
  5. Mary Riggs was baptised on 1 Jul 1632 in Nazeing. She married Benjamin Twitchell.

Second Generation


Parents: Edward Riggs [Ref] and Elizabeth Holmes [Ref]

Mary Riggs was baptised on 1 Jul 1632 in Nazeing. [Ref] She married Benjamin Twitchell. [Ref]

Her father called her Mary Twitchell in his will. [Ref]


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