The RUSSELL Family of Cambridge

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WILLIAM RUSSELL (d. 1662) of Cambridge m. Martha Unknown
MARTHA RUSSELL (d. 1684) m. Corp. Joseph Gleason

First Generation

WILLIAM RUSSELL of Cambridge (d. 1662)

Parents: Unknown

William Russell died on 14 Feb 1662. [Ref] He married Martha Unknown. [Ref] Martha died in 1694. [Ref] She married second Humphrey Bradshaw on 24 Mar 1665. [Ref] She married third Thomas Hall. [Ref]

William and Martha came to New England in or shortly before 1645. [Ref] William was a carpenter. [Ref]

Children of William Russell and Martha Unknown:

  1. Joseph Russell was born about 1636. [Ref]
  2. Phebe Russell (possible daughter) died on 8 Jul 1642. [Ref]
  3. Benjamin Russell married Rebecca Unknown. [Ref] She died on 2 Feb 1673. [Ref]
  4. John Russell was born on 11 Sep 1645. [Ref]
  5. Martha Russell [Ref] married Corp. Joseph Gleason.
  6. Phillip Russell was born about 1650. [Ref]
  7. Thomas Russell (possible son) died on 21 Jul 1653. [Ref]
  8. William Russell was born on 28 Apr 1655. [Ref]
  9. Jason Russell was born on 14 Nov 1658. [Ref] He married Mary Hubbard on 27 May 1684. [Ref]
  10. Joyce Russell was born on 31 Mar 1660. [Ref] She was baptised on 13 May 1660 in Cambridge. [Ref] She married Edmund Rice of Sudbury on 13 Oct 1680. [Ref]

Second Generation


Parents: William Russell and Martha Unknown [Ref, p. 24]

Martha Russell died on 2 Mar 1683/4 in Sudbury. [Ref][Ref][Ref, p. 24] She married Corp. Joseph Gleason in 1667 in Cambridge. [Ref, p. 24]


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