Some Descendants of Edmund Sheafe

  1. Jacob Sheafe was baptised in 1616. [KSR, 15;69] He Margaret Unknown. [GLGF, pp. 55-56]
    1. Elizabeth Sheafe married Robert Gibbs. [GLGF, pp. 55-56] Robert was the son of Sir Henry Gibbs. [GLGF, pp. 55-56] He came to New England between 1657 and 1660. [GLGF, pp. 55-56]
      Robert became a distinguished merchant. [GLGF, pp. 55-56]
      1. Rev. Henry Gibbs marrried Margaret Greenough. [GLGF, pp. 55-56]
        1. Henry Gibbs was born on 13 May 1709 in Watertown. [GLGF, pp. 55-56] He married first Margaret Fitch. [GLGF, pp. 55-56] Henry Gibbs, Esq. married secod Katherine Willard. [GLGF, pp. 55-56] Katherine, the daughter of Hon. Josiah and Katherine Willard, was born on 28 Sep 1724. [GLGF, pp. 55-56]
          Henry graduated from Harvard in 1726. [GLGF, pp. 55-56] He was Justice of the Court of Common Pleas for Essex county in 1754. [GLGF, pp. 55-56] He was Representative to the General Court for Salem. [GLGF, pp. 55-56]


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