The THOMPSON Family of Preston Capes, Northamptonshire

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JOHN THOMPSON m. Alice Freeman
DOROTHY THOMPSON (bp. 1624) m. Thomas Parke

First Generation

JOHN THOMPSON (d. 1626) of Little Preston


John Thompson, gentleman of Little Preston, died on 6 Nov 1626 in London. [Ref] Little Preston was a hamlet in the parish of Preston Capes. [Ref] He married second Alice Freeman. [Ref]

John Tompson signed his will on 6 Nov 1626; it was proved on 11 Apr 1627. [Ref] In his will, he mentions his wife Alice and his son Thomas Tompson, who was not yet 21. He mentions his other children, but does not give their names. He also mentions his brother-in-law William Spencer, a minister, and his brother-in-law Henry Freeman, gentleman. [Ref]

John and Alice's childrens' baptisms are recorded in Preston Capes and they are all called children of John and Alice. [Ref]

Children of John Thompson and Alice Freeman:

  1. Mary Thompson was baptised on 14 Nov 1619 in Preston Capes. [Ref] She died on 4 Aug 1693 in Roxbury. [Ref] She married Joseph Wise of Roxbury on 3 Dec 1641. [Ref] He died on 12 Sep 1684. [Ref] Mary and Joseph were the parents of Rev. John Wise. [Ref]
  2. Dorothy Thompson was baptised on 2 Jul 1621 in Preston Capes. [Ref] She was buried there on 19 Oct 1621. [Ref]
  3. Bridget Thompson was baptised on 11 Sep 1622 in Preston Capes. [Ref] She died in (6) 1643 in Roxbury. [Ref] She married Capt. George Denison [Ref] in Mar 1640/1. [Ref]
    George and Bridget Denison consulted a lawyer about Bridget's inheritance. The lawyer described his clients in his notebook as George Denison of Roxbury, gentleman, and Bridget Denison his wife, daughter of John Thompson, gentleman, late of Preston, deceased, and Mrs. Alice Thompson, now dwelling in Roxbury. [Ref]
  4. Dorothy Thompson was baptised on 15 Jul 1624 in Preston Capes. She married Thomas Parke.
  5. Nathaniel Thompson was baptised on 16 Oct 1625 in Preston Capes. [Ref] Martha Thompson was baptised on 17 Dec 1626 in Preston Capes. [Ref]

Second Generation


Parents: John Thompson and Alice Freeman

Dorothy Thompson was baptised on 15 Jul 1624 in Preston Capes. [Ref][Ref] She married Thomas Parke in Roxbury. [Ref]


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