The TRUMBLE Family of Rowley

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JOHN TRUMBLE (d. 1657) of Rowley
m. (1) Ellen Unknown
RUTH TRUMBLE (b. 1645) m. Samuel Perley
m. (2) Ann Unknown (abt 1615 - 1678)
MARY TRUMBLE (b. 1654) m. Joseph Kilbourne

First Generation

JOHN TRUMBLE (d. 1657) of Rowley

Parents: Unknown

John Trumble was buried on 18 Jul 1657 in Rowley. [Ref] He married first Ellen Unknown. He married second the widow Ann Hopkinson in Aug 1650 in Rowley. [Ref gives only her first name]

Ann Unknown was born about 1615, as she deposed that she was 60 on 30 Mar 1675. [Ref] She was buried on 23 Jul 1678 in Rowley. [Ref] She married first Michael Hopkinson. He was buried on 28 Feb 1648 in Rowley. [Ref] She married third as his second wife Richard Swan on 1 Mar 1658/9 in Rowley. [Ref][Ref]

Michael Hobkinson was admitted to the First Church of Boston on 11 Nov 1638 as a servant to Jacob Elliot. [Ref] William Stickney and Richard Swan were admitted the same day and all three were dismissed to the church in Rowley on 24 Nov 1639. [Ref]

John was a member of the church in Roxbury in 1641. [Ref]

A 30 Jun 1646 Salem court record mentions a bill paid to John Trumble.

John Trumble, John Picard and William Jackson witnessed the 19 (9) 1655 will of Hugh Smith. [Ref]

John Trumble was sworn sealer of the weights and measures for Rowley at the 25 Mar 1651 court in Ipswich. [Ref] He was on the grand jury at the 25 Sep 1653 and 28 Mar 1654 courts in Ipswich. [Ref] On 30 Sep 1656 he was clerk of the writs in Rowley. [Ref] He was on the trial jury at the 30 Mar 1647 and 21 Mar 1657 Ipswich courts. [Ref]

The inventory of John's estate, sworn to by his widow Ann at the 29 Sep 1657 court at Ipswich, amounted to £225. Ann and Mighill Hobkinson's son Jonathan received £25. Their other children, Jeremiah, John and Caleb, each received £18. John and Elinor's son John received £8. Their other children, Hannah, Judah, Ruth and Joseph each received £8. John and Ann's daughters Abigail and Mary received £20 each. Ann received £55. [Ref] The same court moderated the John Trumble's fine for not proving the will of his wife's former husband Mighill Hobkinson. [Ref]

Ann made her will on 4 Jul 1678; it was proved on 24 Sep 1678. [Ref] She mensions her daughters Abigail and Mary Kilbourne and her sons Caleb Hopkinson, John Hopkinson, Jonathan Hopkinson and John Trumble. [Ref]

Children of John Trumble and Elinor Chandler:

  1. John Trumble was born about 1639, as he deposed that he was 36 in 1675. [Ref] He married Deborah Jackson on 14 May 1662 in Rowley. [Ref]
  2. Hannah Trumble was born on 14 Feb 1641 in Rowley. [Ref]
  3. Judah Trumble was born on 3 Jun 1643 in Rowley. [Ref] He may be the Judah Trumble who married Elizabeth Acie on 11 Nov 1698 in Rowley. [Ref]
  4. Ruth Trumble was born on 23 Apr 1645 in Rowley. She married Samuel Perley.
  5. Joseph Trumble was born on 19 May 1647 in Rowley. [Ref] He married Hannah Smith on 6 May 1669 in Rowley. [Ref]

Children of John Trumble and Ann Unknown

  1. Abigail Trumble was born on 10 Dec 1651 in Rowley. [Ref] She married Dea. Joseph Bailey of Bradford. [Ref]
  2. Mary Trumble was born on 17 Jun 1654 in Rowley. She married Joseph Kilbourne 1.

Children of Mighill Hobkinson and Ann Unknown

  1. Jonathan Hobkinson was born on 12 Jan 1641/2. [Ref] He died eight days later. [Ref]
  2. Jonathan Hobkinson was born on 9 Apr 1643. [Ref]
  3. Jeremiah Hobkinson was born on 26 Mar 1645. [Ref]
  4. John Hobkinson was born on 1 Jan 1647/[Ref]7. [Ref]
  5. Caleb Hobkinson was born on 19 Feb 1648/9. [Ref]

Second Generation

RUTH TRUMBLE (b. 1645)

Parents: John Trumble and Ellen Unknown

Ruth Trumble was born on 23 Apr 1645 in Rowley. [Ref] She married Samuel Perley 15 Jul 1664 [Ref gives only the year] in Ipswich. [Ref]

MARY TRUMBLE (b. 1654)

Parents: John Trumble and Ann Unknown

Mary Trumble was born on 17 Jun 1654 in Rowley. [Ref] She married Joseph Kilbourne on 30 May 1678 [Ref] in Rowley. [Ref]


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