The TUCKE Family of Hampton

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ROBERT TUCKE (c. 1612 - by 1664) of Hampton m. Johanna Unknown (d. aft. 1673)
MARY TUCKE (d. 1668) m. Lieut. John Sanborn

First Generation

ROBERT TUCKE (c. 1612 - by 1664) of Hampton


Robert Tucke was born about 1612. He died before 11 Oct 1664. He married Joanna Unknown. [Ref] She died after 1673.

Robert Tucke is on the 7 Sep 1639 list of freemen. [Ref]

He was a vintner. [Ref] He was of Hampton in 1647. [Ref] He was 55 in 1667. [Ref]

On 4 (9) 1645 Robert was "allowed to draw wine at Hampton." [Ref]

William Payne sued Robert Tucke and Edward Colcord at the 30 (10) 1645 court in Salem. [Ref] At the 30 (4) 1646 court, William Payne of Ipswich again sued Robert Tucke of Hampton. [Ref] In 1645 two judgements were granted in favour of Walter Paine of Ipswich in his suit against Edward Colcord and Robert Tucke of Hampton. William Paine had apparently sold property claimed by Edward - a house, land and commonages - to Robert Page of Hampton. [Ref] Robert Tucke was on the grand jury at the 26 (7) 1648 court at Hampton. [Ref] He was on trial jury of the 8 (2) 1651 and 11 (2) 1654 courts at Salisbury. [Ref] Robert Tucke was appointed to the grand jury for the 13 (2) 1652 court at Salisbury and was fined five shillings for nonappearance. [Ref] He sued Mary Willix for debt at this court. [Ref] Mr. William Payne sued Robert Tucke for debt at the 28 (7) 1652 court at Ipswich. [Ref] He sued Edward Colcord for debt at the 3 (8) 1654 court at Hampton. [Ref]

Robert was chosen clerk of the writs at the 2 (8) 1649 Court at Hampton. [Ref]

Administration upon the estate of Robert Tuck was granted to Johannah Tuck and her son-in-law John Sanborn on 11 Oct 1664. [Ref, 3;200] Inventory was taken on 17 Nov 1664. [Ref, 3;247] On 11 Apr 1665 Edward Colcord sued Joanna Tucke and John Sanborn as administrators of the estate of Robert Tucke, late of Hampton. [Ref, 3;248] Also on that date, it was ruled that the estate of Robert Tucke of Hampton, late deceased, who died intestate, was to remain in the hands of the widow for her use. At her death, it was to be divided equally between the three children, Robert Tuck, Elizabeth Tuck and Mary Sanbourn, and the grandchild John Tuck, the son of Edward. [Ref, 3;251-2] On 10 Apr 1666 Edward Colcord sued Johannah and John Sanborn, in their capacity as administrators of Robert Tucke's estate, for debt. [Ref, 3;318] On 29 Oct 1668 John Sanborn agreed with Johannah Tuck that she should resign as administrator. [Ref 6;171-80] On 8 Apr 1673 John Tucke, son of Edward, successfully sued John Sanborn, the administrator of Robert Tucke's estate for failing to confirm upon him lands that were supposed to be Edward's to encourage his mother Mary, the daughter of Thomas Philbrick of Hampton, to marry Edward. John appealed. [Ref, 5;148] On 14 Oct 1673, the aged widow Tuck complained that John Sanborn, the administrator of her husband's estate, did not provide her with the necessary comforts. John was ordered to pay out some of the estate to her. [Ref, 5;240]

The inventory of Robert's estate, taken on 11 Apr 1665 is very detailed. He left houses, a homelot and land worth £100 10d., as well as other land, seven cows, a heifer, "two young beasts", two calves, an old horse, a three-year-old mare and six small shotes. The total amounted to £385 17s. 2d. The contents of the rooms of his house included: [Ref, 3;252-3]

parlour feather bed, bolster, a pair of sheets, a pair of blankets, rug, pillow, pillow drawer, bedstead, curtains, valance, court cupboard, two chairs, three cushions, table, "foorme" with cupboard cloth, carpet, frame chair
outward chamber feather bed, pair of blankets, two bolsters, bolster case, rug, table, form
innner chamber down bed, three bolsters, two rugs, two pillows, two bolster cases, two bedsteads, feather bed, blanket, two old chests
lean to feather bed, bolster, rug, two blankets, pillow
little parlor feather bed, two bolsters, two pillows, blanket, coverlet, table, carpet, small settle, copper, three kettles (two copper, one brass), two skillets (one brass, one iron), warming pan, two brass pans, one great brass candlestick, one small brass candlestick, two brass ladels, scummer, pair of andirons, two iron pots, two pairs tramells, spit, iron dripping pan, two pairs pot hooks, two salts, two dram cups, colanter, gridiron, flesh fork, 10 pewter dishes, two basins, two plates, three butter dishes, four porringers, two chamber pots, five quart pots, two pint pots, half-pint pots, two gills, half gill, pewter tankard, four wine cups, two beer cups, table in the kitchen, three chairs, cheese press, dairy lumber, beer cask, three lattin pants, one lanthorne, two axes, musket, two pairs of doggs, saw, two howes, two pairs of fine sheets, four pairs of sheets, eight board clothes, dozen napkins, pillow case, towel, clothes

Children of Robert Tucke and Joanna Unknown:

  1. Edward Tucke died before 11 Apr 1665. He married Mary Philbrick. Mary was the daughter of Thomas Philbrick of Hampton.
  2. Robert Tucke
  3. Elizabeth Tucke
  4. Mary Tucke died on 30 Nov 1688. She married Lieut. John Sanborn.

John Tuck took the oath of allegiance on in 1678 in Hampton. [Ref]

Second Generation

MARY TUCKE (d. 1668)

Parents: Robert Tucke and Joanna Unknown

Mary Tucke died on 30 Nov 1668. [Ref] She married Lieut. John Sanborn.


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