Some Descendants of Katherine Tupper (Thomas) and Benjamin Nye of Sandwich

  1. Mary Nye married Jacob Burge of Sandwich on 1 Jun 1670 [TTHD, p. 19] in Sandwich. [VRBS]
  2. John Nye was baptised on 29 Jun 1650. [TTHD, p. 19] He married Esther Shed. [TTHD, p. 19]
  3. Ebenezer Nye married Sarah Gibbs. [TTHD, p. 19]
  4. Jonathan Nye married Patience Burge. [TTHD, p. 19]
  5. Mercy Nye was born on 4 Apr 1652. [TTHD, p. 19] She married Matthias Ellis. [TTHD, p. 19] Matthias was the son of John Ellis. [MVRS] He was born on 2 Jun 1657 [TTHD, p. 19] in Sandwich. [MVRS] Lieut. Matthias Ellis died on 8 Sep 1748. in Sandwich. [MVRS]
    1. Malachi Ellis was born on 8 Oct 1689 in Sandwich. [MVRS] He married Jane Unknown.
      1. Matthias Ellis was born on 2 May 1739 in Sandwich. [MVRS] Matthias Ellis of Sandwich married Rachel Tupper of Sandwich of Sandwich on 15 Feb 1759 in Sandwich. [MVRS]
        Rachel and Matthias had two children who survived infancy and four children who died in the small pox epidemic of 1775. [TTHD]
        1. Elizabeth Ellis was baptised on 26 Jul 1761 in Sandwich. [MVRS]
        2. Thankful Ellis was born on 1 Apr 1761 in Sandwich. [MVRS] She was baptised on 26 Jul 1761 in Sandwich. [MVRS]
        3. Joshua Ellis was baptised on 6 Aug 1769 in Sandwich. [MVRS]
        4. Rachel Ellis was baptised on 25 Jul 1773 in Sandwich. [MVRS]
        5. Roland Ellis was baptisesd on 1 Dec 1776 in Sandwich. [MVRS]
  6. Caleb Nye married Elizabeth Atwood. [TTHD, p. 19]
  7. Nathan Nye married Mary Unknown. [TTHD, p. 19]
  8. Benjamin Nye was killed on 26 Mar 1676 in the Battle of Rehoboth in King Philip's War. [TTHD, p. 19]



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