The WADE Family of Scituate

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NICHOLAS WADE (d. 1684) of Scituate m. Elizabeth Hanford
THOMAS WADE (b. abt 1645) of Scituate m. Hannah Ensign
JOSEPH WADE (1675-1761) of Scituate m. Ruth Garrett
RUTH WADE (1706-1763) m. Thomas Curtis

First Generation

NICHOLAS WADE (d. 1684) of Scituate

Parents: Unknown

Nicholas Wade died between 7 Feb 1683/4, when he wrote his will, and 11 Mar 1683/4, when inventory was taken. [Ref] He married Elizabeth Hanford. [Savage [Ref] says that he married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Ensign.]

Nicholas took the oath of fidelity in 1638. [Ref] He was licensed to keep an ordinary in 1657. [Ref]

There is no record that Nicholas became a freeman, but in 1662 he was among those former servants and ancient freemen given land at Saconett Neck. [Ref] Stratton [Ref] says that this suggests that he might have come to Scituate as a servant, but that sometimes people were given land because of a connection to a family that had made an early contribution to the colony. His marriage to Timothy Hatherly's niece might put him in that category.

In his will, he mentions an unnamed wife (his wife Elizabeth presented the inventory), his eldest son John Wade, son Thomas Wade, daughter Susanna White, son Nicholas Wade, son Nathaniel Wade and daughters Elizabeth, Hannah and Elizabeth. [Ref]

Children of Nicholas Wade:

  1. John Wade [Ref]
  2. Thomas Wade was born about 1645. He married Hannah Ensign.
  3. Susanna Wade married Unkown White.
  4. Elizabeth Wade married Marmaduke Stevens. [Ref] They were divorced in 1679. [Ref]
  5. Joseph Wade fought in King Philip's War under Capt. Pierce and was killed during the fighting at Rehoboth on 26 Mar 1676 [Ref], the same day his sister-in-law Hannah Ensign's brother John was killed. [Ref] He probably married Hannah's sister Sarah Ensign. [Ref][Ref]
  6. Hannah Wade was baptised on 3 Aug 1656 in Scituate. [Ref]
  7. Nicholas Wade was baptised on 1 Jul 1660 in Scituate. [Ref]He died on 16 Mar 1723 in Scituate. [Ref]
    some descendants of Nicholas Wade
  8. Nathaniel Wade [Ref]
  9. Mary Wade was born on 16 Mar 1668 in Scitutate. [Ref]
  10. Jacob Wade was born in 1661. [Ref] He received a legacy from his uncle John Ensign. [Ref]

Second Generation

THOMAS WADE (b. abt 1645) of Scituate

Parents: Nicholas Wade and Elizabeth Hanford

Thomas Wade was born about 1645, as he deposed that he was 40 on 6 Mar 1684/5. [Ref] He married Hannah Ensign.

Children of Thomas Wade:

  1. Jacob Wade was born on 13 Nov 1673 in Scituate. [Ref]
  2. Joseph Wade was born on 2 Feb 1675 in Scituate. He died on 27 Dec 1761 in Scituate. He married Ruth Garrett.
  3. Silence Wade
  4. Sarah Wade was born on 22 Sep 1678 in Scituate. [Ref]She was baptised on 3 Aug 1679 in the Second Church of Scituate. [Ref]
  5. Thomas Wade was born in 1680. [Ref]
  6. Hannah Wade was born in 1682. [Ref]
  7. Ichabod Wade was born in 1685. [Ref]
  8. Moses Wade was born in 1689. [Ref]
  9. Deborah Wade was born on 10 May 1691 in Scituate. [Ref]
  10. Rachel Wade was born on 29 Jan 1692 in Scituate. [Ref]

Third Generation

JOSEPH WADE (1675-1761) of Scituate

Parents: Thomas Wade and Hannah Ensign

Joseph Wade was born on 2 Feb 1675 in Scituate. [Ref]He died on 27 Dec 1761 in Scituate. [Ref] He is buried in the Groveland Cemetery in North Scituate. [Ref] He married Ruth Garrett on 4 Jan 1705 in Scituate. [Ref]

Children of Joseph Wade and Ruth Garrett:

  1. Ruth Wade was born on 23 Nov 1706 in Scituate. She was baptised there on 24 Aug 1712. She died there on 14 Nov 1763. She married Thomas Curtis 2.
  2. Elizabeth Wade was born on 1 Jan 1708/9 in Scituate. [Ref] She was baptised there on 24 Aug 1712. [Ref]
  3. Joseph Wade was born on 24 Nov 1710 in Scituate. [Ref] He was baptised there on 24 Aug 1712. [Ref] He married Rachel Turner on 13 Feb 1734/5 in Scituate. [Ref]
  4. Jacob Wade was born on 9 Oct 1712 in Scituate. [Ref] He married Elizabeth Vinal on 12 Jul 1736 in Scituate. [Ref]
  5. Isaachar Wade was born on 14 Dec 1714 in Scituate. [Ref] He married Thankful Merritt on 2 Apr 1751 in Scituate. [Ref]
  6. Capt. Zebulon Wade was baptised on 23 Jun 1717 in Scituate. [Ref] He died before Mar 1754, when his will was proved. [Ref] He married Mercy Norton on 24 Oct 1744 in Scituate. [Ref, intention 24 Sep] Mercy was the daughter of Thomas and Hepsibah (Skiff) Norton of Edgartown. [Ref] She appears to have died before her husband as she is not mentioned in his will. [Ref]
    Zebulon returned from a voyage to Pamlico River, North Carolina, as master of the 56-ton sloop White Oaks in the spring of 1750. He quickly set sail on the 75-ton sloop The Three Sisters. Capt. Wade's sloop and another ship came upon a Spanish vessel loaded with silver bars and wrecked off the coast of Cape Hatteras. The practice of allowing privateers to keep bounty from captured Spanish vessels had ended in 1748, but Zebulon and the other ship captain persuaded the Spanish captain to let them take the silver to its original destination of Havana. However, it is said that instead of taking the silver to Havana, Zebulon and the other captain took it to St. Eustatius, today part of the Netherland Antilles. Zebulon was intercepted by the authorities and sent to jail. It is said that he bought his freedom. [Ref]
  7. Sarah Wade was born on 2 May 1719 in Scituate. [Ref] She married Jonathan Merritt, Jr. on 21 Jan 1741 in Scituate. [Ref]
  8. Simeon Wade was baptised on 27 Jun 1725 in Scituate. [Ref]He died on 18 Mar 1775. [Ref] He and Eunice Studley published their intention to marry on 8 Sep 1750 in Scituate. [Ref]On 5 Feb 1775 Israel Litchfield wrote in his diary that at the church meeting they prayed for Simeon. He was " ... very weak. It is thought he is consumptive." [Ref] Simeon and Eunice had seven children. [Ref]

Fourth Generation

RUTH WADE (1706-1763)

Parents: Joseph Wade and Ruth Garrett

Ruth Wade was born on 23 Nov 1706 in Scituate. [Ref] She was baptised there on 24 Aug 1712. [Ref] She died on 14 Nov 1763 in Scituate. [Ref] She married Thomas Curtis 2 on 21 Aug 1729 in Scituate. [Ref]


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