Descendants of Cullen Fordyce Walker (James,John,James,Isaac,Isaac,Samuel) and Mary E. Twitchell

  1. Edith Thirza Walker was born in 1866 in Bethel, Maine. [GTF, p. 523][C1870 about 1865 in Maine] She died in 1883 [PMWC, p. 355 at age 22, no date] near Wilmot, South Dakota. [GTF, p. 523]
  2. James Freeman Walker was born in 20 Jun 1868 in Bethel, Oxford, Maine. [GTF, p. 523][C1900 Jun 1868 in Maine] He married first Rebecca Hedges in Jan 1894 [GTF, p. 523] in Chicago. Rebecca was born in Jul 1871 in Illinois. [C1900] She died on 15 Feb 1903. [PMWC, p. 355][GTF, p. 523] He married second Edith L. Fenner on 10 Apr 1910. [GTF, p. 523]
    James went to Mesa county, Colorado in the autumn of 1900 and bought a fruit farm next to his father's. [PMWC, p. 355] In autumn 1902 he was the Socialist candidate for the state legislature. [PMWC, p. 355]
    1. Fordyce Hedges Walker [PMWC, p. 355] was born in 15 Feb 1895 [GTF, p. 524] in Illinois. [C1900 Feb 1895]
    2. Albert Clarke Walker [PMWC, p. 355] was born on 4 Jul 1896 [GTF, p. 524] in Illinois. [C1900 Jul 1896]
    3. Hollis Ozro Walker was born in Dec 1898 in Illinois. [C1900] He died by 1905. [PMWC, p. 355]
  3. Ray F. Walker was born on 23 Jan 1877 in Albert Lea, Minnesota. [GTF, p. 524] He lived in South Dakota. [PMWC, p. 355] He married Lily Frances Brodrick on 20 May 1903. [GTF, p. 524] She was born on 10 Dec 1882 in Hazel Green, Wisconsin. [GTF, p. 524]
    1. Fordyce Edward Walker was born on 20 Nov 1904. [GTF, p. 524]
    2. Francis Richard Walker was born on 15 Jan 1906. [GTF, p. 524]
    3. Donald Ozro Walker was born on 13 Oct 1907. [GTF, p. 524]
    4. Hollis Brodrick Walker [GTF, p. 524]
    5. Mary Elizabeth Walker [GTF, p. 524]
  4. Edith Fenner Walker was born on 30 Jan 1913. [GTF, p. 524]
  5. Margaret Elizabeth Walker was born on 16 Nov 1916. [GTF, p. 524]


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