Some Descendants of Hezekiah Whitcomb (Hezekiah, Josiah, John) and Rachel Priest of Lancaster

  1. John Whitcomb was born on 27 Mar 1731 in Lancaster. [MVRL] He was baptised on 26 Nov 1732 in Lancaster. [MVRL]
  2. Hezekiah Whitcomb was born on 31 May 1735 in Lancaster. [MVRL] He was baptised on 27 Jul 1735 in Lancaster. [MVRL] Hezekiah Whitcomb of Lancaster married Submit Ross of Sudbury after 30 Jul 1758 (int.) in Lancaster. [MVRL]
    Hezekiah and his wife were admitted to the church on 20 Dec 1761 in Lancaster. [MVRL]
  3. Jonathan Priest Whitcomb was baptised on 14 Jun 1741 in Lancaster. [MVRL]
  4. Bette Whitcomb was born on 20 Sep 1744 in Lancaster. [MVRL] She was baptised on 11 Oct 1744 in Lancaster. [MVRL]


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