Some Descendants of Benjamin Whitney (John) and Jane Unknown

  1. Jane Whitney was born on 29 (7) 1669 [HYM, pp. 263-4] in Watertown. [WR]
  2. Benjamin Whitney [HYM, pp. 263-4] married Esther Unknown.
    1. Benjamin Whitney was born on 22 May 1709 in Sherborn. [MVRS]
  3. Nathaniel Whitney was born in 1680. [HYM, pp. 263-4]
  4. John Whitney was born in 1682. [HYM, pp. 263-4]
  5. Jonathan Whitney (conjectured son) married Susanna unknown.
    1. Susanna Whitney was born on 20 Jan 1702/3 in Sherborn. [MVRS]
    2. Jonathan Whitney was born on 17 Oct 1704 in Sherborn. [MVRS]
    3. Kezia Whitney was born on 31 Jul 1706 in Sherborn. [MVRS]
    4. Dorothy Whitney was born on 28 Aug 1708 in Sherborn. [MVRS]
    5. Mary Whitney was born on 28 May 1710 in Sherborn. [MVRS]
  6. Joshua Whitney was born on 21 Sep 1687 in Sherborn. [MVRS, son of Benjamin and Jane][FJW] He died on 16 Jun 1771 in Ware. [FJW] He married Hannah Rockett on 20 Nov 1709 in Medfield. [FJW]
    Joshua and Hannah moved to Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut about 1750. [FJW] He sold his son Garshom Whitney of Woodstock land there on 14 Feb 1750/1. Four other deeds of Joshua's are recorded in Woodstock, the last on 17 Mar 1756. [FJW] Joshua left Woodstock about 1756 and bought 252 acres in Palmer by a 23 Nov 1756 deed which refers to him as a cordwainer of Woodstock. On 29 Jan 1759 Joshua Whitney of Palmer sold land to his son Gershom Whitney of Palmer, husbandman, and to George Abbot of Palmer, husbandman. [FJW] Another deed of land to his son Gershom, dated 10 May 1765, refers to Hannah as living. [FJW] On 2 Mar 1768, Joshua Whitney, husbandman of Palmer, sold 70 acres out of the 252 acre lot to Mary Abbot. [FJW] Mary Abbot of Palmer, widow, sold this land on 18 Dec 1772. [FJW] Joshua Whitney and Gershom Whitney, husbandmen of Palmer sold land on 10 Nov 1769. [FJW]
    1. Hannah Whitney was born on 12 Oct 1710 in Medfield. [FJW] She married first, as his second wife, Moses Tenney [FJW] She married second Isaac Chase of Sutton on 3 Nov 1773. [FJW] He died on 27 Feb 1786 in Sutton, age 98. [FJW]
    2. Joshua Whitneywas born about 27 Nov 1712 in Medfield. [FJW] died before 1 Dec 1750. [FJW] He married Phebe Unknown before 1737/8. [FJW]
      Joshua lived in Uxbridge and Medway. [FJW]
    3. Ezekiel Whitney was born on 29 Aug 1716 in Mendon. [FJW] He married Jenet Patterson. [FJW]
    4. Bethiah Whitney was born on 29 Aug 1716. [FJW] She probably died before 24 Feb 1726/7.
    5. Bethiah Whitney was born on 24 Feb 1726/7. [FJW] She died on 22 Jul 1822 in Medway, age 95. [FJW] She married Thomas Jones on 1 Oct 1750 in Wrentham. [FJW] Thomas was the son of Thomas and Esther (Richardson) Jones. [FJW] He was born on 29 May 1729 in Medway. [FJW] He died on 7 Feb 1802 in Medway. [FJW]
    6. Gershom Whitney was born say 1729, probably in Uxbridge. [FJW] He married first Sarah Wood. [FJW] He married second Bathsheba (Thayer?) Jackson. [FJW]
      Gershom was a husbandman. He lived in Woodstock and Palmer. [FJW]
    7. Mary Whitney was born on 27 Oct 1723 in Uxbridge. [FJW] She was living in 1772. [FJW] She married George Abbott on 16 Jan 1754 in Woodstock. [FJW] George was the son of Daniel and Hannah (Chandler) Abbott. [FJW] He was born on 21 Jun 1630 in Woodstock. [FJW]
  7. Eleanor Whitney
    1. Daniel Whitney was born on 27 Feb 1704/5 in Sherborn. [MVRS, "s. of Elenor"]
  8. Josiah Whitney (possible son?) married Miriam Unknown.
    1. Eunice Whitney was born on 5 Nov 1707 in Chelmsford. [MVRC]


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