Some Descendants of James Whitney and Blanche Milbourne of Whitney

  1. Robert Whitney married Margaret Wye. [WLJW]
    Robert was of Whitney. [WLJW]
    1. Sir Robert Whitney married Sibyl Baskerville. [WLJW]
      1. Sir James Whitney died after 1587, when he signed his will. [WLJW]
        Sir James was of Whitney. [WLJW]
      2. Eustace Whitney married Margaret Vaughan. [WLJW]
        Eustace was of Whitney. [WLJW] He is the ancestor of the later Whitneys of Whitney. [WLJW]
      3. Robert Whitney was born before 1547. [WLJW] He died, leaving no children, before 1587. [WLJW]
    2. John Whitney left no children. [WLJW]
    3. Charles Whitney left no children. [WLJW]
    4. George Whitney married Julyan Unknown. [WLJW] She was living in 1584. [WLJW]
      George was of Icomb. [WLJW]
    5. William Whitney left no children. [WLJW]
    6. James Whitney died leaving no chilren. [WLJW]
    7. Richard Whitney [WLJW]
  2. Watkin Whitney married Margaret Reese. [WLJW]
    The Whitneys of Clyro are descended from Watkin. [WLJW]
  3. James Whitney died in 1544, leaving no children. [WLJW]
  4. Robert Whitney [WLJW]
  5. Unknown Daughter Whitney. [WLJW]


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