Some Descendants of Richard Whitney (John) and Martha Coldam of Watertown

  1. Sarah Whitney was born in 1652 [MVRL] in Watertown [TTYA, pp. 117-23]. [WR]
  2. Moses Whitneywas born on 1 Aug 1665 [MVRL] in Watertown [TTYA, pp. 117-23. He married Sarah Knight on 30 Sep 1686 [MVRL] in Stow. [MVRS]
    1. Sarah Whitney was born on 2 Jul 1687 in Stow. [MVRS]
    2. Moses Whitney was born on 1 Jun 1689 [MVRL 15 Jun] in Watertown. [WR] He died on 7 May 1778 in Littleton. [MVRL] He married Lydia Unknown. [MVRL]
      Moses went to Littleton early. [MVRL] He bought a farm in 1708 and sold it to Jona Hartwell in 1720. [MVRL] He was dismissed to the church in Lunenberg in Aug 1748. [MVRL]
      1. Salmon Whitney [MVRL]
      2. Rev. Aaron Whitney was born about 1714. He died in 1779, age 65, in Petersham. [MVRL] He married first Alice Baker in 1739. [MVRL] He married second Ruth Stears in 1768. [MVRL]
        1. Abel Whitney died in 1756 in Cambridge. [MVRL]
        2. Charles Whitney died in Vermont. [MVRL]
          Charles settled in Phillipston. [MVRL]
        3. Rev. Peter Whitney died in 1816 in Northboro. [MVRL]
          Peter was ordained in Northboro. [MVRL]
        4. Aaron Whitney married Hannah Stearns in 1772. [MVRL]
        5. Alice Whitney was born in 1748. [EAS] She died in 1806. [MVRL][EAS] She married Ensign Mann. [MVRL][EAS]
          1. Thomas Mann was born in 1780. [EAS] He died in 1853. [EAS] He married Esther Stone. [EAS] She was born in 1787. [EAS] She died in 1858. [EAS]
            • Alice Whitney Mann was born in 1812. [EAS] She died in 1878. [EAS]
              • Helen Abbie Mann was born in 1860. [EAS] She died in 1935. [EAS]
                • Roland Aubrey Stratton was born in 1898. [EAS] He died in 1972. [EAS]
        6. Lucy Whitney married Dr. Samuel Kendall. [MVRL]
        7. Paul Whitney died in 1807 in Westfield. [MVRL]
        8. Abel Whitney was born on 15 Mar 1756. [MVRL] He died in 1807 in Westfield. [MVRL]
    3. Abraham Whitney (conjectured son) was born on 29 May 1692 in Stowe. [MVRS, husband Mary]
  3. Joanna Whitney was born on 16 (11) 1656 in Watertown. [WR] She married John Cady. [RASM]
    1. Esther Cady is probably the Esther who married John Adams on 27 Mar 1710/11 in Canterbury. [RASM]
  4. Deborah Whitney [MVRL][TTYA, pp. 117-23] was born on 12 Oct 1658 in Watertown. [WR]
  5. Rebecca Whitney [MVRL][TTYA, pp. 117-23] was born on 15 Dec 1659 in Watertown. [WR] She died on 10 Feb 1659/60 in Watertown. [WR]
  6. Richard Whitney was born on 13 Jan 1660 in Watertown. [WR]
  7. Elisha Whitney [MVRL][TTYA, pp. 117-23] was born on 29 Aug 1662 in Watertown. [WR]
  8. Ebenezer Whitney was born on 30 Jun 1672 [MVRL, 1672, which seems more plausible] in Watertown [TTYA, pp. 117-23]. [EWSP, 1682][WR] He died on 5 Aug 1727 in Pomfret,Windham, Connecticut. [EWSP] He married Anna Unknown. [EWSP] Anna died on 15 May 1758 in Pomfret. [EWSP] She married second John Comins of Pomfret before 14 May 1745. [EWSP]
    Ebenezer's father conveyed three parcels of land to Ebenezer in return for lifetime support on 31 Dec 1707. Two brothers, Moses and Richard, Jr. are referred to and a sister, Joanna Cady. [EWSP] Ebenezer and Anna sold this property on 25 May 1714 and soon after moved to Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut. [EWSP] In 1721 Ebenezer bought land in Pomfret. [EWSP]
    1. Zachariah Whitney was born by 1704, probably in Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts. [EWSP] He married Ruth Taylor on 30 Jul 1730 in Pomfret. [EWSP]
      1. Mary Whitney [EWSP]
      2. Zachariah Whitney [EWSP]
      3. Moses Whitney [EWSP]
      4. Aaron Whitney [EWSP]
      5. Ephraim Whitney married Rhoda Unknown. [EWSP]
        Ephraim lived in Montague, Franklin, Massachusetts. [EWSP]
    2. Esther Whitney was born about 1705/6, probably in Stow. [EWSP] She died on 19 Oct 1727 in Pomfret. [EWSP] She married William Biginton on 18 Jan 1727. [EWSP] She apparently left no surviving children. [EWSP]
    3. Ezekiel Whitney was born about 1707, probably in Stow. [EWSP] He died before 31 Jan 1751, when his estate was administered. [EWSP] He married first Isabel Taylor on 18 Jul 1728 in Pomfret. [EWSP] Isabel died in childbed on 15 Apr 1731. [EWSP] Ezekiel married second Sarah Parke. [EWSP]
      Ezekiel moved to Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut. [EWSP]
    4. Enoch Whitney was born say about 1708, probably in Stow. [EWSP] He married Thankful Parke on 21 Dec 1732. [EWSP]
      1. Samuel Whitney was born on 24 May 1734 in Plainfield. [EWSP] He died on 30 Sep 1812 in Woodbury, Litchfield, Connecticut. [EWSP] He married Sarah Unknown. [EWSP]
      2. Susanna Whitney was born on 13 Mar 1739 in Plainfield [EWSP]
      3. Rosanna Whitney was born on 29 Aug 1740 in Plainfield. [EWSP]
      4. Asa Whitney was born on 10 Jul 1742 in Preston, New London, Connecticut. [EWSP]
      5. Thankful Whitney was born on 8 Apr 1747 in Preston. [EWSP]
      6. Hezekiah Whitney was born on 26 Dec 1748 in Preston. [EWSP] He died on 20 Dec 1827 in Washington, Litchfield, Connecticut. [EWSP] He married Olive Knight in the fall of 1774 in Plainfield. [EWSP]
      7. Joseph Whitney was born on 18 Jun 1753 in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut. [EWSP]
      8. Sarah Whitney was born on 18 Jun 1756 in Kent. [EWSP]
    5. Israel Whitney was born by 1709, probably in Stow. [EWSP] He died on 1 Jul 1746. [EWSP] He married Hannah Blodgett. [EWSP]
      Esrael was a cordwainer. [EWSP]
      1. Sybilla Whitney was born on 4 Feb 1733 in Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts. [EWSP] She died on 16 Dec 1812 in Dunstable. [MVRD] She married Capt. Oliver Cummings in 1756 in Dunstable, Middlesex, Massachusetts. [EWSP]
      2. Josiah Whitney was born on 18 Apr 1735 in Oxford. [EWSP] He died on 13 or 15 Dec 1740. [EWSP]
      3. Hannah Whitney was born on 15 or 16 Apr 1737 in Oxford. [EWSP] She married Eleazer Cummings on 26 Nov 1761. [EWSP]
      4. Tamar Whitney was born on 13 Oct 1739 in Oxford. [EWSP] She died on 6 Oct 1740. [EWSP]
      5. Mary Whitney was born on 23 Jul 1741 in Oxford. [EWSP] She died on 4 Feb 1754 in Dunstable. [EWSP]
      6. Richard Whitney was born on 22 Apr 1743 in Oxford. [EWSP] He died on 29 Oct 1816 in Brookline, Windham, Vermont. [EWSP] He married Sarah Butterfield on 12 Mar 1767 in Chelmsford. [EWSP] She died on 16 Feb 1773 in Wilton, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. [EWSP] Richard married second Hannah Holt. [EWSP] She was born on 18 Jan 1754. [EWSP] She died in Apr 1833. [EWSP]
        Richard and Sarah moved to Wilton. [EWSP] Richard was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. [EWSP]
    6. Anna Whitney was born say 1712, probably in Stow. [EWSP] She married Ebenezer Rood of Stafford on 11 Dec 1733 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut. [EWSP]
    7. Dr. Ebenezer Whitney was born on 15 Sep 1715 in Canterbury. [EWSP] He died before 15 Feb 1745, when his brother Israel administered his estate. [EWSP] Ebenezer was unmarried. [EWSP]
      Ebenezer was a physician in Worcester. [EWSP]
  9. Jonathan Whitney was born in Watertown. [TTYA, pp. 117-23]


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