The Wilson Family of Charlestown and Lancaster

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BENJAMIN WILSON of Charlestown m. Ann Unknown
JEREMIAH WILSON (1666-1743) of Lancaster m. Hannah Beaman
HANNAH WILSON (m. 1724) m. James Butler

First Generation

BENJAMIN WILSON of Charlestown


Benjamin Wilson married Ann Unknown.

He was of Charlestown. [Ref]

Children of Benjamin Wilson and Ann Unknown.

  1. Jeremiah Wilson [Ref] married Hannah Beaman.

Second Generation

JEREMIAH WILSON (1666 - 1743) of Lancaster

Parents: Benjamin Wilson and Ann Unknown

Jeremiah Wilson was born about 1666. He died on 22 Mar 1743, age 77. [Ref][Ref, p. 410] He is buried in the Old Common Burial Ground in Lancaster. [Ref, p. 404] He married Hannah Beaman.

On 1 (18) 1691/2 Jeremiah and his family were in a garrison in Lancaster commanded by Lieut. Thomas Wildler. Also in the garrison were Robert Hinds, Robert and Jonas Holton, James Snow, John Wilder and his brother-in-law Gamaliel Beaman. [Ref, p. 23]

In 1704 Jeremiah was in a garrison in Lancaster commanded by John Houghton, Sr. and Capt. Thomas Wilder; also in the garrison were his brothers-in-law Gamaliel Beaman and John Beaman.

Children of Jeremiah Wilson and Hannah Beaman:

  1. Benjamin Wilson [Ref]
    Benjamin Wilson was an early member of the First Church of Lancaster. [Ref, p. 270]
  2. Nathaniel Wilson [Ref]
  3. Hannah Wilson married James Butler.

Third Generation


Parents: Jeremiah Wilson and Hannah Beaman

Hannah Wilson married James Butler on 19 Mar 1723/4 in Lancaster, John Houghton officiated. [Ref]

A Nathaniel Wilson married Thankful Beaman in 1694. [Ref] He sold Gamaliel Beaman's house in Lancaster to William Sheafe in 1694. [Ref]


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