Some Descendants of Elizabeth Woodward (Daniel, George, Richard) and Stephen Frost

  1. Stephen Frost was born on 30 Aug 1702 in Billerica. [RASM] He died about 1788. [RASM] He married Mary Adams on 29 Oct 1724 in Canterbury. [RASM]
    1. Jonas Frost was born on 13 Mar 1725 in Canterbury. [RASM] He died on 3 Mar 1805 in Brooklyn, Windham, Connecticut. [RASM] He married Susannah Adams.
  2. Daniel Frost (conjectured son) married Elizabeth Bond.
    1. Bethuel Frost was born on 28 Apr 1641 in Canterbury. [RASM] He died on 30 Aug 1668 in Canterbury. [RASM] He married Mary Adams.


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