Some Descendants of Abigail Fitch (James)

and Capt. John Mason of Norwich

  1. Anne Mason married John Denison. [Ref, p. 147][Ref, 15;122]
  2. Capt. John Mason was born in 1681 in Norwich. [Ref, p. 147] He died in Dec 1736 in London, where he had gone with Mahomet to gain recognition of Mahomet to the sachemship of the Mohegans. [Ref, 15;122] He married his first cousin Anne Mason, the daughter of Maj. Samuel Mason and his first wife and the granddaughter of Maj. John Mason, on 18 Jul 1701. [Ref, 15;121] He married second the widow Anne (Sanford) Noyes [Ref, 15;119] on 15 Jul 1719. [Ref]. [Ref, 15;121]
    John moved to Stonington about 1703. [Ref, 15;121] Anne (Mason) Mason was received into the Stonington church on 24 Feb 1706. [Ref, 15;121] After his second marriage John moved to New London (Montville). [Ref, 15;121] He was a teacher of the Indians. [Ref, 15;121]
    1. John Mason was born on 13 Sep 1702 in Lebanon. He was baptised on 19 May 1706 in Stonington. [Ref, 15;121]
    2. Rachel Mason was baptised on 19 May 1706 in Stonington. [Ref, 15;121]
    3. Samuel Mason was baptised on 30 Aug 1707 in Stonington. [Ref, 15;121]
    4. Jemima Mason was baptised on 7 Aug 1709 in Stonington. [Ref, 15;121]
    5. James Mason was baptised on 13 May 1713 in Stonington. [Ref, 15;121] He died on 17 Mar 1798. He married Sarah Denison of Stonington on 22 Nov 1738. [Ref, 15;121]
    6. Elijah Mason was baptised on 12 Jun 1715. [Ref, 15;121] He married his second cousin Martha Brown. [Ref, 15;121] Martha was the daughter of Ebenezer and (Sarah) Hyde Brown of Lebanon. [Ref, 15;121] She was the granddaughter of Capt. John and Anne (Mason) Brown and the great-granddaughter of Maj. John Mason. [Ref, 15;121] She was baptised on 9 Sep 1722. [Ref, 15;121] She died on 27 Mar 1805. [Ref, 15;121]
    7. Capt. Peleg Sanford Mason was born on 6 Apr 1720. [Ref, 15;122] He died on 16 Feb 1761 in New London county. [Ref] He is buried in the Old Cemetery in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut. Click here to see a photo of his grave. He married Mary Stanton [Ref, 15;122] of Charlestown, Rhode Island on 4 Nov 1742 in Stonington. [Ref]

and (perhaps) Lieut. John Buttolph of Wethersfield

  1. Abigail Buttolph was born on 3 Apr 1683. [Ref] She married Corp. Nathaniel Fitch on 23 Nov 1718 in Windsor. [Ref]
  2. James Buttolph was born on 22 Dec 1684. [Ref]