Some Descendants of Alice Fitch (Jabe , James, James) and James Cogswell of Canterbury

  1. James Cogswell was born on 31 Jul 1746 in Canterbury. [Ref]
  2. Alice Cogswell was born on 7 Dec 1749 in Canterbury. [Ref] She died on 9 May 1772, age 23, and is buried in the Old Scotland Cemetery in Scotland, Windham, Connecticut. [Ref]. Click here to see a photo of her grave.
  3. Samuel Cogswell was born on 23 May 1754 in Canterbury. [Ref]
  4. Mason Fitch Cogswell was born on 28 Sep 1760 in Canterbury. [Ref] He died on 17 Dec 1830 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut and is buried in the Old North Cemetery in Hartford. [Ref]
    Click here to see a photo of his grave and to read about his role in starting the first school for the deaf in the United States, the Connecticut Asylum for Education and Instruction of Deaf and Dumb Persons, in 1817.