Some Descendants of Jedidiah Fitch (James, James) and Abigail Coffin of Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts

  1. Elizabeth Fitch was born on 30 Sep 1703 in Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut. [Ref] She married Ebenezer Calfe on 8 (4) 1722 in Nantucket. [Ref]
  2. Peter Fitch was born on 28 Jul 1705 in Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut. [Ref] He married Rachel Chase [Ref] on 18 Feb 1730/1 in Nantucket. [Ref] Rachel was the daughter of James and Rachel Chase. [Ref]
    1. Peter Fitch was born on 7 (7) 1741 in Nantucket. [Ref] He married Anna Gardner. [Ref]
    2. Sally Fitch was born on 21 (9) 1750 in Nantucket. [Ref] She married first Samuel Palmer. [Ref] She married second Latham Barker. [Ref] Latham was the son of Samuel Barker. [Ref]
  3. Mary Fitch was born on 22 (6) 1708 in Nantucket. [Ref] She married Thomas Bailey [Ref] on 5 Jun 1729 in Nantucket. [Ref]
  4. Beriah Fitch was born on 30 (8) 1713 in Nantucket. [Ref] He married Deborah Gorham on 11 Dec 1735 in Nantucket. [Ref]
    1. Eunice Fitch was born on 12 Sep 1736 in Nantucket. [Ref] She married Benjamin Barnard. [Ref] Benjamin was the son of Timothy and Mary Barnard. [Ref]
    2. Lydia Fitch was born on 13 Nov 1738 in Nantucket. [Ref] She married Simon Glover. [Ref]
    3. Jonathan Gorham Fitch was born on 3 Sep 1740 in Nantucket. [Ref] He married first Elizabeth Coffin. [Ref] He married second Eunice Bunker. [Ref]
      1. Daniel Fitch died on 20 Dec 1837, age 58 years and three months, in Texas. [Ref] He married Ann Burgoyne of Baltimore. [Ref]
        Daniel lived in Baltimore. [Ref]
    4. Pernal Fitch was born on 17 May 1742. She married Samuel Whippey. Samuel was the son of James and Susan Whippey. [Ref]
    5. Phebe Fitch was born on 8 Jun 1744 in Nantucket. [Ref] She married first Thomas Turner. [Ref] She married second John Burns. [Ref]
    6. Lucinda Fitch was born on 19 Sep 1746 in Nantucket. [Ref] She married John Squires. [Ref] John was the brother of David Squires of Long Island. [Ref]
    7. Beriah Fitch was born on 17 Aug 1748 in Nantucket. [Ref]
    8. Reuben Fitch was born in 1750 ["sic"] in Nantucket. [Ref] He married Margaret Ramsdell. Margaret was the daughter of John and Rachel Ramsdell. [Ref]
    9. Shubal Fitch was born in 1750 ["sic"] in Nantucket. [Ref]