Descendants of Joseph Fitch (Thomas) and Mary Stone of Podunk (currently part of South Windsor and East Hartford in Hartford county, Connecticut)

  1. Mary Fitch was born about Nov/Dec 1657. [Ref] She probably died between 1700 and 1727. [Ref] She married Samuel Burnham on 8 Oct 1684. [Ref] Samuel was the son of Thomas and Amy (Wright?) of Podunk. [Ref] He was born in 1658. [Ref] He died on 19 Apr 1728. [Ref] Samuel married second Mary Unknown. [Ref] She died on 19 Apr 1738. [Ref]
    In his medical records, John Winthrop records that he treated Joseph Fitch's two-and-a-half-year-old daughter on 1 Jun 1660. [Ref]
    Samuel's will of 1727 indicates that he was then married to a second wife named Mary. [Ref]
  2. Lydia Fitch was born say 1659/60. [Ref] She probably died before 1715. [Ref] Lydia, or an undiscovered sister about her age, married Robert Stedman about 1683. [Ref] Robert was the son of Lieut. John Stedman. [Ref] He was born on 1 Feb 1657 in Hartford. [Ref] He died on 4 Jan 1735/6 in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut. [Ref] He married subsequently Mary Unknown. [Ref] Mary was possibly the widow Stedman who died on 30 Jun 1740 in East Windsor. [Ref]
    Lydia was old enough to witness a deed in Jan 1679. [Ref]
  3. Rebecca Fitch was born in Mar 1663/4. [Ref] She married Edward Elmore before Jun 1686. [Ref] Edward was the son of Edward and Mary Elmore. [Ref] He was born about 1654. He died on 31 Oct 1725 in Windsor. [Ref] He married second before 14 Jul 1696 Hannah Unknown. [Ref]
    In his medical records, John Winthrop records that he treated Mr. Joseph Fitch of Hartford's three week old daughter Rebecca on 8 Apr 1664. [Ref]
  4. Joseph Fitch was born on 20 Feb 1665/6. [Ref] He died on 18 Feb 1697/8 in Windsor. [Ref] He married Ann Unknown, apparently by 1697. [Ref]
    In his medical records, John Winthrop records that he treated Mr. Joseph Fitch of Hartford's two day old son Joseph on 22 Feb 1665/6. [Ref]
    1. Joseph Fitch was born about 1697. [Ref] He died on 18 Feb 1697/8. [Ref]
    2. Joseph Fitch was baptised in Apr 1699. [Ref] He died young. [Ref]
    3. John Fitch was baptised in Mar 1701. [Ref]
      John moved to Hatfield, Massachusetts. [Ref]
    4. Joseph Fitch was born about 1708. [Ref] He died on 29 Mar 1789 in East Windsor. [Ref] He married first Sarah Shailer on 25 Dec 1729 in Bolton. [Ref] Sarah was the daughter of Abel and Hannah Shailer of Haddam and Bolton. [Ref] She was born on 27 Dec 1709. [Ref] She died on 4 or 11 Sep 1748. [Ref] He married second Abigail Church. [Ref] Abigail was the daughter of John and Abigail (Caldwell) Church. [Ref] She was born on 22 Apr 1704 in Hartford. [Ref] She died on 10 Dec 1772 in East Windsor. [Ref]
      1. Joseph Fitch was baptised on 1 Nov 1730 in the South Church in Hartford. [Ref] Joseph, Jr. married Prudence Drake on 9 Jul 1760 in Windsor. [Ref]
        1. Prudence Fitch was born on 15 Mar 1761 in Windsor. [Ref]
        2. Alice Fitch was born on 30 Jul 1762 in Windsor. [Ref]
        3. Olive Fitch was born on 12 Dec 1763 in Windsor. [Ref]
        4. Luther Fitch was born on 20 May 1767 in Windsor. [Ref]
        5. Augustus Fitch was born on 20 May 1769 in Windsor. [Ref]
          • John Field Fitch was born on 7 Feb 1766 in Windsor. [Ref]
        1. George Fitch was born on 22 Apr 1774 in Windsor. [Ref]
      1. Augustus Fitch was born on 20 Dec 1732. [Ref] He married Editha Field [Ref, of Hatfield] on 22 Jan 1760 in Windsor. [Ref]
      2. Sarah Fitch was born on 9 May 1736 in Bolton. [Ref] She married Timothy King on 19 Apr 1753.
      3. Ann Fitch was baptised on 29 Jul 1739 in the First Church in East Hartford. [Ref] She married Joshua Belden.
      4. John Fitch was born on 21 Jan 1743. [Ref]
      5. Chloe Fitch was born on 28 May 1745. [Ref] She married Reuben Burnham. [Ref] Reuben was the son of Thomas and Mary (Barber) Burnham. [Ref] He was born on 22 Jun 1742. [Ref] He died on 22 Dec 1812. [Ref]
    5. Susanna Fitch was born abut 1715. [Ref] She married Ebenezer Church . [Ref] Ebenezner was the son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Burr) (Clark) Church. He was baptised on 1 Feb 1718/9. [Ref]
  5. Nathaniel Fitch was presumably born on 17 Mar 1668/9. [Ref] He died on 4 Apr 1719. [Ref] Corp. Nathaniel Fitch married first Abigail Buttolph of Stonington on 23 Nov 1718 in Windsor. [Ref] He married second as her second husband Susannah (Hills) Kilbourne. [Ref] She was the daughter of Joseph Hills. [Ref] She was born about 1680. [Ref] She died on 11 Feb 1748/9, age 68. [Ref] She married first Thomas Kilbourne of East Hartford. [Ref]
    Nathaniel had no known children. [Ref]
    In his medical records, John Winthrop records that he treated Joseph Fitch of Hartford's 17-week-old son. [Ref] Presumably this son is Nathaniel. [Ref]
  6. Sarah Fitch was born about 1670. [Ref] She was living on 4 May 1731 and was probably Joseph Drake Sr.'s "wife" who died on 7 Jan 1746 in East Windsor. [Ref] She married first as his second wife John Stoughton on 23 Jan 1689 in Windsor. [Ref] John was the son of Thomas Stoughton. [Ref] He was born on 20 Jun 1657 in Windsor. [Ref] He died on 24 May 1712 in Windsor. [Ref] He married first Elizabeth Bissell. [Ref] Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Bissell and the granddaughter of John Bissell. [Ref] She was born on 11 Aug 1682. [Ref] She died on 17 Jul 1688. [Ref] Sarah married second Capt. Joseph Drake after Sep 1717. [Ref] Joseph was the son on John Drake. [Ref] He was born on 26 Jun 1674 in Windsor. [Ref] He died on 14 Jan 1754 in Windsor. [Ref] He previously married Anne Morton. [Ref] She was the daughter of William and Mary (Burnham) Morton. [Ref] She was born about 1679. [Ref] She died on 28 Aug 1717 in Windsor. [Ref]
  7. Bridget Fitch was probably born in the mid-1670s. [Ref] She was living on 25 Nov 1731 in Windsor. [Ref] Bridget Fitch of Windsor married Jonathan Bissell of Windsor on 17 Mar 1708/9 in Windsor. [Ref] Jonathan was the son of Nathaniel Bissell and his first wife Mindwell Moore. [Ref] He was the grandson of John Bissell. [Ref] Jonathan's stepmother was Dorothy Fitch. [Ref] He was born on 14 Feb 1674 in Windsor. [Ref] He died in Windsor before 25 Nov 1731, when inventory was taken on his estate. [Ref]
    "No doubt Bridget was Capt. Fitch's daughter." [Ref]
    Bridget Fitch owned the covenant in the First Church in Hartford on 22 Mr 1695/6. [Ref]
  8. Samuel Fitch was born about 1680. [Ref] He was living on 25 Apr 1754 when he married Martha Rowell. [Ref] "Ye groom was yn as far as I could learn, more yn 70 years old and the bride near 80, neither of them had been married before." [Ref]
  9. Anne Fitch was born about 1682. [Ref] She married Benjamin Loomis. [Ref] Benjamin was the son of Thomas and Mary (Judd) Loomis and the grandson of Joseph Loomis.[Ref]

By a 14 Mar 1695/6 deed Joseph Fitch gave Samuel Burnham of Podunk 12 acres and also gave Robert Stedman land. He referred to both men as his sons-in-law. Samuel Burnham had a wife Mary in 1690/1 and another wife named Mary in 1727. Robert Stedman had a wife Mry in 1743/4. [Ref] Mary Fitch must have been the wife of one of these men.

Joseph also gave land to Samuel Olmstead and to John Colt. Gale Ion Harris points out that Samuel Olmstead was married to Mary Lord, who died his widow in 1736. Therefore, he could not have been a son-in-law. Harris also argues that the John Colt who was left the land was John Colt, Sr. John Colt, Sr. had two wives, Anne Skinner and Hester Edwards. He argues, that while possible, it is unlikely that he was a son-in-law. [Ref]