Some Descendants of Perez Fitch (Jabez, James, James) and Martha Coggeshall of Stamford, Connecticut

  1. Martha Fitch was born on 20 Jul 1754 in Stamford. [Ref]
  2. William Fitch was born on 10 Oct 1756 in Stamford. [Ref]
  3. Betsey Fitch was born on 4 Oct 1765 in Stamford. [Ref]
  4. Abigail Fitch was born on 29 Mar 1766 in Stamford. [Ref] She died in Nov 1782, age 222 [!]. [Ref, p. 236] She married her stepbrother Hon. James Davenport [Ref, pp. 678-9, the second daughter [!]] on 7 May 1780 in Stamford. [Ref][Ref, p. 236] James was the son of Abraham and Elizabeth (Huntington) Davenport. [Ref] He was born on 12 Oct 1758 [Ref, p. 236] in Stamford. [Ref] He married second Martha Cogshall on 7 May 1780. [Ref, p. 236] She died on 3 Aug 1797. [Ref, p. 236]
    James graduated from Yale in 1777. [Ref, pp. 678-9] He was a member of the state legislature. [Ref, p. 236] He was a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. [Ref, p. 236] He was a Representative of Congress in 1796. [Ref, p. 236]
  5. Samuel Fitch was born on 20 Aug 1768 in Stamford. [Ref] He married Elizabeth Holly on 12 Oct 1781 in Stamford. [Ref][Ref, p. 341, says William married Elizabeth Holly] She was possibly the daughter of Abraham and Mary (Webb) Holly, born on 25 Jan 1770 in Stamford. [Ref]
  6. Unknown Daughter was born say 1770. She died of consumption. [Ref, pp. 678-9] She was engaged to Rev. Abiel Holmes. [Ref, pp. 678-9]
    Abiel graduated from Yale in 1783. [Ref, pp. 678-9]