Descendants of Samuel Fitch (Thomas) and Susanna Unknown of Hartford

  1. Samuel Fitch married Sarah Bryan [Ref, pp. 194-7] on 23 Oct 1678 in Milford. [Ref] Sarah was the daughter of Richard Bryan and the granddaughter of Samuel's stepfather Alexander Bryan. [Ref, pp. 194-7]
    Samuel went to Milford. [Ref, pp. 194-7]
    1. Sarah Fitch married Zachariah Whitman [Ref, pp. 194-7] on 6 Jan 1702/3 in Milford. [Ref]
  2. Thomas Fitch married Abigail Goodrich. [Ref, pp. 194-7] He died on 17 Oct 1704, age 52, in Wethersfield. [Ref] Abigail was the daughter of Ens. William and Sarah (Marvin) Goodrich. [Ref, pp. 194-7] She died on 8 Nov 1684 [Ref, pp. 194-7, in 1684] in Wethersfield. [Ref]
    1. Thomas Fitch was born on 20 Jul 1680. [Ref, pp. 194-7][Ref, 1681] He died young. [Ref, pp. 194-7]
    2. Sybil Fitch was born on 2 Nov 1684. [Ref, pp. 194-7] She died on 18 Dec 1684 in Wethersfield. [Ref]
    3. Sybil Fitch married Joseph Hurlbut on 27 Apr 1704. [Ref] Joseph was the son of Stephen Hurlbut. [Ref]