Descendants of Thomas Fitch (Thomas) and Anne Stacey of Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut

  1. Thomas Fitch [Ref, pp. 194-7] married Ruth Clark about 1662. [Ref, pp. 194-7] Ruth was the daughter of George Clark of Milford. [Ref, pp. 194-7]
    Thomas was made a freeman on 21 May 1657. [Ref, pp. 194-7]
    1. Sarah Fitch was born in 1663. [Ref, pp. 194-7]
    2. Thomas Fitch was born in 1665. [Ref, pp. 194-7] He died on 29 Apr 1731. [Ref] He married Elizabeth Lane. [Ref] Elizabeth was the daughter of Robert and Sarah (Pickett) Lane. [Ref] She was born on 31 Jan 1677. [Ref]
      1. Gov. Thomas Fitch [Ref] was born about 1700.
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    3. Mary Fitch was born in 1668. [Ref, pp. 194-7]
    4. Samuel Fitch was born in 1681. [Ref, pp. 194-7]
  2. John Fitch, the son of Thomas, Sr., married Rebecca Lindall, the daughter of Dea. Lindall, formerly of New Haven, on 3 Dec 1674 in Norwalk. [Ref] Rebecca was sthe daughter of Henry and Rosamond Lindall of New Haven. [Ref, pp. 194-7]
    1. John Fitch was born on 29 Sep 1677 in Norwalk. [Ref]
    2. Rebecca Fitch was born on 15 Jan 1679 in Norwalk. [Ref]
    3. Nathaniel Fitch was born on 6 Nov 1682 in Norwalk. [Ref]
    4. Mary Fitch married Ebenezer Gregory on 13 Dec 1711. [Ref, pp. 194-7] Ebenezer was the son of Thomas Gregory and the grandson of John Gregory. [Ref, pp. 194-7]
  3. Mary Fitch died on 25 Dec 1700. She married as his second wife Capt. Matthew Sherwood of Fairfield. [Ref, pp. 194-7]
    1. Mary Sherwood was born in 1674. [Ref] She died on 16 Sep 1752 in Montville (North Parish, New London). [Ref] She married first her first cousin Capt. Daniel Fitch. [Ref] [Ref][Ref] She married second as his second wife her late sister-in-law Anne Fitch's husband Joseph Bradford [Ref] after 25 Feb 1715/16 (int.) in New London.
  4. Ann Fitch married John Thompson of Farmington. [Ref, pp. 194-7]
  5. Sarah Fitch married John Burr of Fairfield. [Ref, pp. 194-7]
  6. Samuel Fitch [Ref, pp. 194-7, "someone supposes"] went to Hartford. [Ref, pp. 194-7]