Descendants of William Fitch of Little Canfield, co. Essex

  1. Mary Fitch (daughter of Elizabeth Unknown [Ref]) married Francis Mannock. [Ref, pp. 57-8] Francis was the son of William and Audrey (Allington) Mannock. [Ref, pp. 57-8] He died on 3 Nov 1590. [Ref, pp. 57-8]
    1. William Mannock died on 15 Mar 15 Jac I [1617]. [Ref, pp. 57-8] He married Ethelred Parys. [Ref, pp. 57-8]
      1. Sir Francis Mannock, Bart., died on 20 Nov 1634. [Ref, pp. 57-8] He married Dorothy Saunders. [Ref, pp. 57-8]
        Francis was created a baronet on 1 Jun 1627. [Ref, pp. 57-8]
  2. Eleanor Fitch (daughter of Elizabeth Unknown [Ref]) marrked Rooke Greene, Esq. of Sampford. [Ref, pp. 224-5] Rooke was the son of Sir Edward Greene, knt. and Margery Allington. [Ref, pp. 224-5] He died on 9 Apr 1602. [Ref, pp. 224-5]
    1. William Greene, Esq. of Sampford married Catherine Temperley. [Ref, pp. 224-5]
      1. John Greene, Esq. of Sampford married Frances Russell. [Ref, pp. 224-5]
        1. Sir Edward Greene, Bart. died in Dec 1676. [Ref, pp. 224-5]
          Edward was created a baronet on 20 Jul 1660. [Ref, pp. 224-5] He had no surviving sons and the title expired with his death. [Ref, pp. 224-5] "Sir Edward, by his extravagancy and love of gambling entirely ruined his estate and his large inheritance passed from his family. [Ref, pp. 224-5]
  3. Thomas Fitch [Ref]
  4. William Fitch [Ref] (son of Anne Wiseman [Ref]) was born in 1563 at Little Canfield. [Ref] He died on 21 Nov 1611 in the convent of the Capuchins in Paris. [Ref]
    William studied law at Middle Temple but converted to Catholicism and entered the convent of the Capuchins in Paris on 23 Mar 1583, taking the name of Benedict or Benet. [Ref] He returned to England and was imprisoned. [Ref] He was released three years later at tthe request of King Henry IV of France. [Ref]
    William was a celebrated preacher. [Ref]
  5. Francis Fitch [Ref]