EUNICE COLE: Eunice was an unattractive and disagreeable woman who lived in Hampton. She was accused of witchcraft and imprisoned.

For more information see: Eunice 'Goody' Cole, Hampton's "Witch"

GILES COREY: Giles Corey was pressed to death with heavy stones during the Salem Witch trials after he refused to enter a plea.

REV JOHN ELIOT (1604-1690) John Eliot (1604-1690) was a minister in Nazeing, Essex. He emigrated to New England in 1631 on the Lyon and was minister at the First Church in Roxbury. He was famous as a missionary to the Indians.

DANIEL GOOKIN (1612 - 1687) Daniel went to Virginia with his father in 1621. Because of his sympathy for the Puritans, he went to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1644. He was a captain of the militia and member of the house of deputies. Later he was speaker of the house and a magistrate. In 1656 he was appointed superintendant of all of the Indians who acknowledged the Massachusetts government. He is known for writings on the Indians, his joint missionary efforts with John Eliot and his unpopular sympathy with Indians who remained loyal during King Philip's war. He was made major general in 1691.

REV JOHN WHEELWRIGHT (1592-1679) John Wheelwright received a BA and MA from Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. He was vicar of Bilsby 1623-33. Sometime in 1628-29 he came to New England and attempted to execute a settlement treaty Indians of southern New Hampshire. Many historians claim that this Wheelwright deed is a forgery. Returning to England, Wheelwright was forced out of the Church of England for non-conformity. He returned to Boston in 1636, where he was an adherent of his sister-in-law Anne Hutchinson. He was banished from Boston and moved north, founding the town of Exeter, NH in 1638. The Massachusetts Bay Colony then founded Hampton, encompassing Exeter. Wheelwright then moved to Wells, ME. His sentence of banishment was revoked in 1644. He returned to England in 1656 and stayed there for six years as a friend of Oliver Cromewell. After, he returned to Massachussets, residing at Salisbury.