SHAY'S REBELLION 1786 - 1787

Poor and indebted farmers, led by Daniel Shay, mounted an armed uprising, mainly in central and western Massachusetts. After several years of petitions and protestors shutting down courts to prevent judges from enforcing debt collection, Shays and his forces unsuccessfully attempted to take weapons from the Springfield armory on 25 Jan 1787. Sentences, including death, were passed on some of the rebels but a general amnesty was declared for most on 1788.


In 1662 King Charles II granted Connecticut a charter extending its territory west. In 1762 settlers from Connecticut travelled to Wyoming Valley, PA. Unfortunately, not realising that the territories overlapped, the King has also granated this land to Pennsylvania in 1681. Fighting broke out between the rival settlers, known as the Pennamite War, and lasted until 1794.