amerce to punish with a fine decided arbitrarily by the court
armiger a squire who bears a knights armor or one entitled to bear heraldic arms
chantry an endowment to cover the cost of masses and prayers or an alter or chapel endowed for the saying of masses and prayers
close typically a small piece of land surrounded by a wall or fence or hedge
copyhold copyhold tenure was tenure of land under the rules of the manor; these rules were detailed in the manor court records with the tenant given a copy
croft enclosed land by a house or a garden plot by a village house
curtilage enclosed land around a house or building
deforciant one who keeps the rightful owner from claiming an estate
demesne the land associated with a manor that was retained by a lord for his own use and not granted to others
enfoeff put in possession of land in return for a service
fine the amicable settlement of a fictious suit enabling the legal transfer of land
mark amount of money worth thirteen shillings and four pence
mesne a mesne tenant is one who holds the land of a superior, but grants a part of it to another person.
messuage a dwelling house with adjoining buildings and land
querent claiment, plaintiff
seize to put someone in legal ownership of property
suit of court obligation to attend the manor court
tenement an interest in land which may be dependent on the tenent rendering services
yeoman usually a man of lower status than a gentleman who cultivates his own land