Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts



Crowell/Crow, Godfrey, Gorham, Nickerson, Sears

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Vital Records:

Sherman, Robert M. and Ruth W. Sherman, comp., Vital Records of Yarmouth, Mass. to the Year 1850, Society of Mayflower Descendants, no date.

Available online as:

New England Historic Genealogical Society, Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850, Online Database, YarmouthAmericanAncestors.org, 2001-2010.

Cemetery Records:

Bowman, Gerorge Ernest, Gravestone Record in the Ancient Cemetery and The Woodside Cemetery Yarmouth, Massacusetts, Boston, Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1906.

These records have been transcribed by Coralynn Brown; click here to view them on the DUNHAM - WILCOX - TROTT - KIRK website.






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