(incorporated 1636)

The town of Dedham borders Boston to the Southwest.


Bacon, Barbour, Damon, Fairbanks, Fuller, Metcalf, Morse, Plympton, Thurston



Dedham Historical Society

Old Village Cemetery, (on the Findagrave website) Old Village Cemetery (on the A Very Grave Matter website)


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Hill, Don Gleason, ed., The Records of Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths, and Admissions to the Church and Dismissals Therein, transcribed from the church records in the town of Dedham, Massachusetts, 1638 - 1845, Dedham, unknown, 1888, available at the New England Historic Genealogical Society.


photo: Picture of the Fairbanks House in Dedham, built c. 1637 by Jonathan Fairbanks, believed to be the oldest surviving woodframe house in the United States

from Wikimedia Commons, photographer Swampyank

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