Middleborough was originally 15 miles long and about nine miles wide, lying 15 miles from Plymouth and 34 miles from Boston.
The town was incorporated in June 1669 as Middleborough (although referred to as Middlebury in early records).


Bennett, Cobb, Coombs, Howland, Thomas, Vaughan


Known by the Indians as Namasket, the area began to be settled by the English in 1660. In 1662 a large portion of land was purchased from Josiah Wampatuck for £70. [Ref] The names of the 26 men who purchased land are: [Ref]

John Thompson Isaac Howland Coombs John Morton Moses Simmons
Samuel Barrows Samuel Eaton Francis Billington George Soule Nathaniel Southworth
Ephraim Tinkham Henry Wood William Nelson David Thomas Cobb
Jabez Warren Edward Bump Samuel Eddy Samuel Pratt George Vaughan
John Shaw Jacob Thompson Francis Miller John Howland John Alden
Samuel Fuller        



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