1920 US Federal Census

Bureau of the Census. Fourteenth Census of the United States, 1920, Washington, DC, National Archives and Records Administration, 1920. T625, 2,076 rolls. Online: Ancestry.com.

Enumeration Date: 1 Jan 1920

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Bergerson, H. Nels: Year: 1920;Census Place: Seattle, King, Washington; Roll: T625_1930; Page: 9A; Enumeration District: 285; Image: 118.

Bruck, Porter: Census Place: Berkeley, Alameda, California; Roll: T625_92; Page: 15B; Enumeration District: 163; Image: 585.

Carey, Edward: Census Place: Fort Leavenworth, Leavenworth, Kansas; Roll: T625_537; Page: 8B; Enumeration District: 95; Image: 616

Carey, George L: Census Place: Norwich, New London, Connecticut; Roll: T625_197; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 275; Image: 704.

Carey, Laura and Geer, Elizabeth: Census Place:  Tisbury,Dukes,Massachusetts ; Roll:  T625_688 ; Page:  7B ; Enumeration District:  212 ; Image:  605.

Grover, Emaline: Census Place: Imperial, Imperial, California; Roll: T625_99; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 28; Image: 543.

Johnson, Arthur W.: Census Place: San Francisco Assembly District 32, San Francisco, California; Roll: T625_138; Page: 14B; Enumeration District: 197; Image: 200.

Johnson, John: Census Place: Bremerton Ward 1, Kitsap, Washington; Roll: T625_1931; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 49; Image: 729.

Larsen, Clarence F.: Census Place: Mercer, King, Washington; Roll: T625_1925; Page: 7B; Enumeration District: 47; Image: 32.

Larsen, Louis: Census Place: Seattle, King, Washington; Roll: T625_1930; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 292; Image: 256.

Litchfield, Arnold: Year: 1920;Census Place: Macleay, Marion, Oregon; Roll: T625_1497; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 476; Image: 896.

Litchfield, William: Year: 1920;Census Place: Oakland, Alameda, California; Roll: T625_88; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 63; Image: 945.

Palmer, Edwin: Census Place: Harrison, Winnebago, Illinois; Roll: T625_416; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 165; Image: 392.

Palmer, Charles M.: Census Place: Anderson, Shasta, California; Roll T625_127; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 96; Image: 828.

Palmer, Estelle: Census Place: Rockford Ward 3, Winnebago, Illinois; Roll: T625_417; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 189; Image: 133.

Sibert, Edwin L.: Census Place: Fort Myer, Alexandria, Virginia; Roll T625_1879; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 11; Image: 896.

Sibert, Olin: Census Place: Gadsden Ward 3, Etowah, Alabama; Roll: T625_15; Page: 12B; Enumeration District: 93; Image: 198.

Sibert, Sam.: Census Place: Gadsden Ward 3, Etowah, Alabama; Roll: T625_15; Page: 19A; Enumeration District: 93; Image: 211.

Sibert, William L.: Census Place: Washington, Washington, District of Columbia; Roll T625_212; Page: 15A; Enumeration District: 268; Image: 51.

Wolfe, Roy F.: Census Place: Darrington, Snohomish, Washington; Roll: T625_1939; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 125; Image: 194.