Letter from Mary to her aunt Abigail (Bacon) Paine, daughter of Capt. Asa Bacon

Undated, but probably the late 1830s

My dear Aunt

I received your affectionate letter 2 weeks after it was written. I expect Abey Gilbert left it in the office at Brooklyn [probably Brooklyn, Windham, CT]. It was mailed there. I commence writing but know of no opportunity now. It is a very busy time with us and I expect it will continue through the summer. We have ten steady in the family and sometimes eleven - Benajah [her husband, James Benajah Cary] as the Carpenters that are building the Shingle Mill and Windsor ... Factory to Board. I have very good help -- her husband lives with us. I make all the Cheese [?] as yet. I often wish you were here and would make one. I hope my dear Aunt, you will come and make a long, long visit and make a cheese for yourself and one for me. I think I could learn a better way by you. I am alone a great many hours with Mrs. Buts. The men folks go away immediately after breakfast and stay until noon ... after dinner and stay till night. I do think you would enjoy a visit now - you like retirement better than I do. My little Asa B. runs all over the house escupting [?] up and down stairs, Uncle I [?] often takes him to his chamber, keeps him a whole hour he is very kind to him indeed.

Sabbath Evening

Aunt Paine, when I commenced this sometime since I knew of no opportunity ... I have just returned from Mother [her mother-in-law Phebe (Howard) Cary?]. Received a letter from Sarah at Lebanon and she writes Uncle and Aunt Gilbert will be there tomorrow. Tuesday they expect to go to the P... . I shall send you this and hope to receive a long answer in return. I cannot find so much leisure time to write as I used to. Asa is almost always ready to write with me. He continues as quiet good child - he has 6 teeth and more coming. Yesterday I went to Brooklyn on purpose to bring Cousin Susan home with me - but there came up a shower and grew damp. She thought it not prudent to venture out. Mrs. Buts, Asa and I went to Brooklyn week before. She said she would like to spend a few weeks with me - and would come the last of the week if I would come for her - she has been at the Williamses nearly 4 weeks. She is now at Mrs. James [?] very feeble -not able to be at home, to keep house, She is able to wait on herself except making her bed. Tuesday I calculate to go for her again if pleasant, I wish you could come and enjoy a visit with her. Father [probably her father-in-law James Cary] heard from Brother George [her brother, Dr. George Leonard Adams] today. He is in health and ... much business at yet. Benajah is going to start for Norwich about 2 o'clock tonight - expects to be at home noon tomorrow - he went and returned so last week. It is business for his factory - he does but very little to it himself except riding ... His farming business occupies all his leisure time.

I saw Mrs. Spaulding Saturday. She enquired after you and said you must make her a long visit to go ... the one you intended last Winter. They are all handsomely settled at Brooklyn. The Neighbors are all well as usual. I have been and made Benajah's Uncle Carey's Uncle Morse a visit - had unpleasant weather but a very pleasant visit, I must close for my pen is poor, I can hardly write. I shall expect a visit by Uncle G and a visit very soon. How is Uncle P's health? Cousin Sarah I wish would come and see me if she could put up with farmers .... and living ...

Give my love to Uncles, Cousin Sarah and all the family and inquire after Mary and oblige me in not exposing this.

Your affectionate Niece,