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Excerpts from Books about Amesbury

David W. Hoyt, The Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts, 1897.

First Settlers of Amesbury

On the Amesbury records, …dated March 19, 1654-5, the following list of the “present inhabitanc and comenors heare in the new towne.”

Included on the list are: Henry Blasdale, John Colby, Anthony Colby, William Sargent

Oath of Allegiance Eamsbery

December 20, 1677, from Old Norfolk County Records, Salem, MA.

Included on the list are: Eben: Blasdall, Hen: Blasdall, John Collby, Samll Collby, Tho: Collby, George Martyn, Richard Martyn, Tho: Sargent, Wm Sargent

Amesbury Meeting-house Seats, July 1667

Included on the list are: Thomas Sargent, Henry Blaisdell, John Colby, Isaac Colby, Jerrard Hadden, William Sargent