The ANTROBUS Family of Over Knutsford, Cheshire, England; St. Albans, Herfordshire, England; Carrickfergus, county Antrim, Northern Ireland and Ipswich in Essex county, Massachusetts

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Ralph Antrobus of Over Peover
WILLIAM ANTROBUS of Over Knutsford
WALTER ANTROBUS (d. 1614) of St. Albans m. Jane Arnold
JOANNA ANTROBUS (bp 1592) of St. Albans, Ipswich, and Carrickfergus m. Thomas Lawrence

Generation 1

WILLIAM ANTROBUS of Over Knutsford

Parents: Ralph Antrobus. [Ref]

Children of William Antrobus:

  1. John Antrobus remained in Over Knutsford.
  2. William Antrobus died in 1609. [Ref] He was a draper. [Ref] He went to St. Albans. [Ref] He was mayor in 1600. [Ref] He was constable in 1601. [Ref] He married first Elizabeth Rolfe in 1578. [Ref] He married second Joanna Rogers, daughter of John Rogers, butcher. [Ref]
  3. Robert Antrobus went to St. Stephens, a small village about a mile south of St. Albans. [Ref] He probably married first Alice Unknown. [Ref] She was buried at St. Stephens in 1568/9. [Ref] Robert married second Rose, daughter of Tudor Day. [Ref]
  4. Walter Antrobus was buried on 5 Apr 1614 in St. Albans. He married first Barbara Lawrence. He married second Jane Arnold.

Generation 2

WALTER ANTROBUS (d. 1614) of St Albans

Parents: William Antrobus of Over Knutsford [Ref]

Walter was buried on 5 Apr 1614 in St. Albans. [Ref] He married first Barbara Lawrence in 1579. [Ref] He married second Jane Arnold [Ref] on 8 Feb 1586/7 in St. Albans. [Ref]

Walter went to St. Albans. [Ref] He was warden of the Shoemakers Company in 1588. [Ref]

Administration on the estate of Walter Antrobus of St. Albans was granted to his widow Jane on 16 May 1614. [Ref]

Children of Walter Antrobus and Joanna Arnold:

  1. William Antrobus was baptised on 25 Jun 1587 in St. Albans. [Ref] He married Alice Denton on 6 Jul 1607 in St. Albans. [Ref]
  2. Walter Antrobus was baptised on 1 Jun 1589 in St. Albans. [Ref]
  3. Robert Antrobus was baptised on 21 Feb 1590/1 in St. Albans. [Ref]
  4. Joanna Antrobus was baptised on 25 Jun 1592 in St. Albans. She married first Thomas Lawrence. She married second John Tuttle.
  5. Elizabeth Antrobus was baptised on 6 Aug 1592 in St. Albans. [Ref] She presumably married John Cowley on 5 May 1617 in St. Albans. [Ref]
  6. Henry Antrobus was baptised on 25 Apr 1600 in St. Albans. [Ref] He was buried there on 14 Jun 1602. [Ref]

Generation 3

JOANNA ANTROBUS (bp 1592 - aft. 1662)

Parents: Walter Antrobus and Jane Arnold

Joanna Antrobus was was baptised in 1592 in St. Albans. [Ref][Ref] She was thought to be living in Mar 1662, when her son Simon acted as her attorney. [Ref] She died before Apr 1674, when she is refered to as deceased. [Ref] She married first Thomas Lawrence [Ref] on 23 Oct 1609 in St. Albans. [Ref] She married second John Tuttle by 1628. [Ref] He died on 30 Dec 1656. [Ref] John Tuttel of Carrickfergus, gentleman, signed his will, which no longer exists, on 7 Dec 1656. [Ref]

George Giddings, age 25, and Jane Giddings, age 20, are on a 2 Apr 1635 list of passengers to be transported to New England on the Planter. Also on the list are John Tuttle (39) a mercer, and Joanna Tuttle (42). They were travelling with children John (17), William (12) and Mary ( 9) Lawrence and Abigail (6), Simon (4), Sarah (2) and John (1) Tuttle, as well as Joanna Antrobus (65). [Ref]

Joanna Tuttle is Joanna (Antrobus) Tuttle, the mother of Jane (Lawrence) Giddings . The Lawrence children are from her marriage with Thomas Lawrence and the Tuttle children are from her second marriage. Joanna Antrobus (65) is Joanna Tuttle's mother Jane (Arnold) Antrobus. [Ref]

In 1650/1, John Tuttle returned from New England and in 1654, Joanna followed. [Ref] They settled in Carrickfergus, Ireland. [Ref] George Giddings and Mr. Joseph Jewett were appointed adminstrators of John Tuttle's estate in Ipswich in Mar 1659. [Ref]

On 3 Oct 1656 Joanna wrote the following letter from Carrickfergus to her "her and loving daughter Jane Giddings at Ipswich in New England". [My spelling and punctuation]

Daughter Jane, Having an opportunity, I could not omit to let you understand that we are all in good health, blessed be God. I hope that you received my last dated February wherein I write largely, which now I shall omit. God hath dealt graciously with me and freed me of the troubles of the world. The Lord give me grace now to spend the little time I have to live, more to his glory. The letter I received from you I lay by me as a cordial which I often refresh myself with. If you knew how much it rejoiced me to hear from you, you would not omit. I pray let me hear how your breach is made upon respect of the ministry which I long to hear. If you have Mr. Cobete, I pray present my love to him. I live under a very honest man where I enjoy the ordinances of God. In New England way we want nothing more but good company. The Lord increase the number. Jane, I pray entreat your husband to look to our business. I hear Richard Schwell hath paid no rent. I pray speak to him and get it: £48. Send me word what increase there is of our mare and whether Thomas Bornum "groucelled" the house or not. Simon deals very bad with his father. He lives at Barbados and sends no return but spends all. His father will have no more goods sent to him. I could wish I had no such cause to write. I think he and John intend to undo their father. Jane, you have many sons. The Lord bless them and make them comforts to you and not afflictions as ours are. I have done only my dear and hearty love to your husband and self and children. I leave you to the Lord who is able to keep and preserve you to his heavenly kingdom, which is the prayer of your dear and loving mother, Joanna Tuttell.

On 6 Apr 1657, Joanna wrote the following letter from Carrickfergus to "her son George Gidding dwelling in Ipswich in New England". [My spelling and punctuation]

Son Gidding and daughter, These are to let you understand that the Lord hath taken to himself my dear husband and left me desolate in a strange land and in debt by reason of Simon's deeping the returns from Barbados. Grief that he hath taken for his two sons hath brought upon him a lingering disease, lost his stomach and pined away, never sick till the day befoe he died, which was the 30th of September. I pray talk with Mr. Jewett about that which I left with you and him these three years. I have not heard of anything that he hath done. I cannot hear of the cattle or what increase the mare hath nor the rent. I pray let things be ready for I have to write to John Lawrence [her son] to to take they into his hands. If Simon or John [her sons, Simon and John Tuttle] whould come, let them not meddle with anything there. My husband has given them something in his will which I shal pay them. Now I will keep the estate in my own hand as long as I live. It may be I may see New England again. I pray look to my house that it be not ruined. Hannah is to be married shortly to a good husband, one that loves her well and a handsome man. She is a great comfort to me. I sent Jane a small token by Mr. Weber that went from hence to Jamaica and so to New England. I like Ireland very well. We have had neither frost nor snow this winger, but very temperate weather which agrees with me well. My husband's death went near, the Lord give me good of it and make up my loss in himself a teach this ___ sharp Rod to submit to the will of my God that ___ I had need of it. I pray remembert me at the throne ___ that I should be glad that you would write to me that I may hear from you. I have not one letter this year which I wonder at. Remember me to all yours and to all of my friends that ask of me. No more at present but the Lord bless you with all spiritual blessings in heavenly things in Christ, which is the prayer of your affectionate mother.

Joanna Tuttle

Hannah remembers her kind love to you and all yours. [Ref]

On 20 Mar 1657/8, Joanna wrote the following letter from Carrickfergus to "her beloved son Mr. George Giddings at Ipswich in New England". [My spelling and punctuation]

Son Gidding, I received two letters from you and am glad to hear of your welfare with yours. I wonder I hear nothing from Mr. Jewett. I hear he improves my estate to his own advantage. I prayed him to pay my son Martin 12 pounds in good goods and he let him having nothing but beef that no one else would take. I pray you to take care of my estate at Ipswich and let not him do what he list, but take account of what he doth. There is four years rent this March which comes to above a hundred pounds and in debts ninety-seven pounds and I hear my cousin John Tuttle would buy the horse; he will not let him without he pay him English goods. I sent to deliver goods to my son John Lawrence to send me 50 pounds worth of beuar. [?] I have debts to pay in London and want it much. Thomas Burnum would know what to do with the mares if he can not keep them all. Let John Tuttle or you take two of them and for the rest of the cattle, if they be chargable, sell them or let them to some that will have care of them. I am to remove again 16 miles nerer. [?] My son that married my daughter Hannah hath the employment that my husband was in the treasury is removed to another town and we must go with it. The presence of the Lord go with us. They are very loving to me and my life there is very comfortable. If I should come to New England I fear I should go a begging if reports be true. My estate decays apase [?] for want of looking to. I hear the house goes to ruin, the land spends itself, the cattle die, the horses eat themselves out in keeping so I am like to have a small account, but I hope it will not prove as I hear. If it should, he that knows all things will have avenge the widow's cause. I pray remember me to your wife. My dear child Hannah remember her love to you all; so doth Mrs. Haries the apothocary's [?] wife that lived in Saint Albans. She dwells next house to me. I have not else at present, but the blessing of the Lord be with you and yours.

I pray send no goods to Simon. I hear that of him which will bring my gray head with sorrow to the grave with tears. I conclude and remain, Your poor mother, Joannana Tuttle. [Ref]

Simon Tuttle, attorney to his mother, successfully sued Richard Shatswell for nonpayment of rent at the Mar 1662 court. [Ref]

Johanah Green, aged 59, refers to her sister Tuttle [clearly Joanna from the context] in a 24 Sep 1659 deposition. [Ref]

Children of Joanna Antrobus and John Tuttle:

  1. Simon Tuttle was born about 1631. He married Sarah Cogswell. Simon and Thomas Clarke, Jr. deposed that their father Cogswell promised upon marriage that he would leave his entire estate after his and his wife's death to his daughters Abigail and Sarah. [Ref] Sarah Tuttle, aged 30, the daughter of Elizabeth Cogswell, deposed in Jun 1676. [Ref]
    He and his brother John were a great trial to their parents. At the Mar 1664 court, Simon was sentenced to prison for "seditious and mutinous carriages" until he would put up a bond of £200. [Ref]
  2. Sarah Tuttle was born about 1633. She married Richard Martine, a merchant, on 1 (12) 1653/4 in Boston. [Ref] Sarah Martine, aged about 26, deposed on 13 Jun 1659. She refers to her father, Mr. John Tuttle. [Ref]
  3. John Tuttle was born about 1634.
  4. Hannah Tuttle was born after her parents left England.


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