Some Descendants of Jonas Fairbanks (Jonathan, John) and Lydia Prescott of Lancaster

  1. Grace Fairbanks was born on 15 (9) 1663 in Lancaster. [BMDL, p. 10, d. Jonas and Lydia]
  2. Mary Fairbanks was born on 20 (4) 1659 in Lancaster. [BMDL, p. 10, d. Jonas and Lydia]
  3. Joshua Fairbanks was born on 6 (2) 1661 in Lancaster. [BMDL, p. 10, s. Jonas and Lydia] He died in the 10 Feb 1676 Indian attack on Lancaster. [BMDL, p. 16, s. Jonas, age 15]
  4. Jonathan Fairbanks was born on 7 (8) 1666 in Lancaster. [BMDL, p. 11, s. Jonas and Lydia] He was killed in the 11 Sep 1697 Indian attack on Lancaster [BMDL], along with two of his children. [WFA, p. 398][BMDL, p. 17] He married Mary Hayward. She died on 5 Jan 1733/4 at age 67. [BMDL] She married second David Whitcomb.
    Mary was taken captive by the Indians in the attack that killed her first husband and two children. She was returned on 17 Jan 1699. In captivity, she acquired a knowledge of herbs and was afterwards called "Doctress" and dispensed medicine. [WFA, p. 398]
  5. Hazadiah Fairbanks was born on 28 Feb 1668 in Lancaster. [BMDL, p. 12, d. Jonas and Lydia]
  6. Jabez Fairbanks was born on 8 (11) 1670 in Lancaster. [BMDL, p. 13, s. Jonas and Lydia][BMDL, p. 404] He died in Mar 1758. [BMDL, p. 404] Jabez and his two wives are buried in the Old Burying Field in Lancaster. [BMDL, p. 404] He married first Mary Unknown. She died in Mar 1718, age 42. He married second as her second husband Elizabeth Unknown on 25 Mar 1719 [WFA, p. 398] in Lancaster. [BMDL, p. 17] She died on 11 May 1755, aged 80 years and 7 months. [BMDL, p. 404] Elizabeth married first Josiah Whitcomb.
  7. Jonas Fairbanks was born on 6 (3) 1673 in Lancaster. [BMDL]


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